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Price per person: US $ 165.00.

This plan offer you to get to know the City of Arequipa, explore and admire the beauty of its monuments and architecture in sillar stone; surrounded by snow, volcanoes and deep canyons, it also offers the experience of reaching the landscapes of the Andes and visit the valley of Colca and tipycal villages…

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Price per Person: US $ 90.00

This tour offer you to visit the Uros floating islands at Lake Titicaca with a chance to meet the Uro natives and walk on the island made of Totora reeds. In the afternoon we continue the trip by Bus to Arequipa and spend the night. Next day continue the trip Colca valley and visit the villages and Cruz del Condor …

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Price per Person: US$ 145.00

This trip begins in Puno with the visit to Lake Titicaca and the Uros and Taquile Islands, meeting the natives and having the chance to interact and get to know the culture and experience. The next day we continue the trip to Colca Valley and visit typical villages and see the flying of the Condor. Pm arrival to Arequipa…

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Precio por Persona: US $ 790.00

Este plan de viaje te ofrece iniciar el viaje en Cusco para conocer las atracciones como Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Tambomachay, Koricancha y continuar el viaje por el valle sagrado de los incas, Machu picchu, Lago Titicaca, Valle Colca finalizando el recorrido en la ciudad de Arequipa…

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